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About Compression Stockings.

With one of the largest selections of styles and colors in Alberta, great prices and qualified staff, our Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy is the place for all your support hose, compression stocking and diabetic sock needs. We also carry the accessories and cleaning products you'll need for your compression stockings and socks.

If you are pregnant, traveling, have a standing or sitting occupation, often have heavy, tired, cramping legs, or a family history of varicose veins, you will benefit greatly from wearing light non-prescription support hose.  If you are having leg vein treatment or you suffer from swelling, varicose veins, blood clots or other venous or lymphatic disorders, our certified fitters will be happy to fit you with prescribed compression hose in our private fitting room.


The main purpose of graduated compression stockings is to reduce pressure within the superficial venous system in the leg.  The graduated compression stockings exert the greatest pressure on the lower portion of the leg and thereby help the venous return to flow toward the upper portion. This assists the veins, facilitates the flow and retards varicose and spider vein formation. Symptoms such as swelling, heaviness, discomfort, and fatigue are reduced or even completely eliminated.

For best results stockings should be worn from dawn until dusk every day.  If in the beginning stockings feel too tight, wear them progressively: that is an hour the first day, two hours the next, and so on. We're always happy to answer questions about use and care of your stockings.


When it comes to medical insurance, we make things simple for you! We are an approved Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL) vendor. Additionally, our Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy accepts all forms of insurance coverage — we even direct bill WBC, NIHB, DVA and many other plans and programs.